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Duquette Engineering is a growing full service structural engineering firm. We have been providing structural engineering services in the San Francisco Bay area since 1990. The business began with the simple goal of personal service at reasonable rates. Duquette Engineering has become well known and respected in the Civil/Structural field for skillful structural design on residential and mid-size commercial projects while maintaining an abiding focus on customer satisfaction.

Over the years Duquette Engineering has accomplished that goal with numerous clients that include; Homeowners, Contractors, Developers, Designers, Architects and Government agencies.


The Duquette name has become well known by the building community in the San Francisco Bay area largely due to the work of William L. Duquette Architect. Bill Duquette has been a practicing architect in the bay area since 1950. In addition to his architectural practice he almost single handedly built the architecture program at West Valley Community College in Saratoga, California. During his teaching career that spanned 20 years, he trained many young architects, engineers and contractors that are in the work force today.

His sons did not fall far from the tree. John P. Duquette is licensed architect, David and Frank Duquette are licensed general contractors, and Steven P. Duquette is a licensed structural engineer. All of which continue to live and work here in the Bay area. That of course was not by accident as young as 13 they were being trained in the disciplines of hand drafting and office perspective drawing and as early as 15 they were employed as draftsmen in Bill's home office. His sons were instilled with a strong work ethic and sense of duty to the client.

Steven P. Duquette has a strong architectural background, which is founded in his training by William L. Duquette as his father, employer and teacher. Steven has an associate science degree in architectural engineering from West Valley Community College and a bachelor of science degree in architectural engineering from California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. He is a licensed civil and structural engineer in the state of California and is currently president of Duquette Engineering.


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French Consolate project